What we do

Perception Insights works with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of growth. We support leaders at every point of their journey – from emerging talent to seasoned executives. By marrying strategy with practical action, our clients build high performance – for their businesses, their teams & themselves.

Organizational Performance

We stretch our brains to create practical answers for organizations grappling with:

Keeping everyone on the same page & excited about their work

Developing resilient & empathetic leaders at all levels

Translating strategy into action

Creating high performing teams whether they’re in person, remote or hybrid

Personal Performance

We guide clients on their journey to:

Tap into their strengths & use them more

Build their presence – and their success

Communicate with impact & authority

Get the best from themselves & those around them

Our Offerings

  • 1-1 & Group coaching
  • Individual & Team Assessments
  • Masterminds & Shared Learning Sets
  • Team workshops
  • Corporate Training
  • Strategy & Culture Consulting

We’ve worked with teams for years – in them & leading them. We’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t.

Our clients grow productivity and build powerful engagement, creating an environment where everyone performs & the inevitable bumps in the road become just another thing to deal with, not a disaster.

Business Performance

We dive into the fray with clients on:

Big picture vision and mission

Down in the weeds problem-solving

Long-term strategies for growth

Short-term tactical steps to get there

Perception Insights business performance working brainstorming growth ideas

Our Offerings

  • 1-1 business & leadership coaching
  • Mastermind & peer to peer support groups
  • Growth consulting & strategy development
  • Networking & word of mouth marketing action plans

Our sleeves rolled up, straight talking approach means we’re on the field with our clients, not just supporting from the sidelines. We’re not scared of getting our hands dirty if that’s what is needed to deliver results.