Client feedback

We get to work with some amazing clients. Sharing joy of their achievements is a huge perk of the job!

And they’re kind enough to say some nice things about us too…

Rebecca is the embodiment of what a business & leadership coach should be – empathetic, acute insights, consistent follow up, and always approachable. Working with her is a huge asset for my company, and for me personally.
Pooja Bavishi, Founder & CEO, Malai Ice Cream

Perception Insights has been absolutely pivotal in making the transition from solopreneur to medium sized business supported by a growing team of staff. Working with them has enabled me to consolidate what has been achieved, recognize the strengths of the business (and me personally) and build the confidence to continue to grow.
Vicky Allen, Director, WELV Consulting

Participating in Perception Insight’s Mastermind Group has connected me with entrepreneurs whose day-to-day opportunities and challenges are familiar and relatable. Our interactions, combined with skilled moderating, have afforded unique insights that have really helped me scale my business.
Dale Laszig, Managing Director, DSL Direct

Working with Rebecca has been fantastic. Her skills as a coach have allowed me to find a future direction with my career. Her expertise and advice have been invaluable and her insights have been thoughtful and practical which has allowed me to challenge my own assumptions & perceptions. Working with Rebecca has helped me to find the joy again in what I do.
Kate Baker Waldsax, Commercial & Marketing Executive

Having grown from 5 employees to 45, working with Perception Insights has been really important for us to manage that growth. Their work with our leadership team has made a huge difference & we now have the tools to help ourselves in future.
Noel Austin, Director, D3t

Rebecca exemplifies all that a business coach & leader should be. She is proactive – thinking of the next thing before you realize you need it, has creative & resourceful ideas & gives support beyond the call of duty. She’s a pleasure to work with! Rebecca is a great accountability partner too – her guidance kept me firmly on track, allowing me to jump start a new service offer in my business in record time.
Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA

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