Take the guess work out of individual & team development with online assessments designed to explore the whole person.

Using Assessments helps businesses:

Get the right people in the right job for them
Reduce conflict & tension in teams
Strengthen communications
Increase sales
Boost productivity
Get closer to their customers

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The world’s leading behavioral profiling tool, DISC predicts how a person will behave & react in any given situation. Identifies the key drivers behind behaviors, the key values in decision making, and communication & work style preferences..


The world’s leading behavioral profiling tool, DISC predicts how a person will behave & react in any given situation. Identifies the key drivers behind behaviors, the key values in decision making, and communication & work style preferences..

Critical Thinking

Quickly identify thinking styles to improve problem solving skills & minimize cognitive bias. Knowing how our brain processes helps us be more aware of our potential blindspots & make better informed decisions.


Measures the 7 dimensions of motivation that drive behavior & decisions. Helps us understand why we are driven to do what we do & what we truly value. We all draw our energy from different places, shaping how we approach our work, our relationships & our lives.

Learning Styles

Some people process information easily through text, while others need pictures & diagrams. Some prefer to work alone while others can only learn effectively as part of a group. Understanding learning styles makes for more effective learning & knowledge retention.

Assessments offer an insight into what makes us all tick – what drives us, how we process information & make decisions, our communication preferences. They allow us to understand ourselves and each other. Whether used 1-1 in coaching or as part of a group workshop, they’re powerful tools for development & growth.



Our workshops offer insight into interpersonal dynamics, human behavior & how our unique differences impact on team performance. We know that the best learning takes place when it’s in context with real world examples & opportunities to try things out.

We don’t do boring or mundane. Our sessions are always relevant, lively & to the point – with a heavy emphasis on the practical & realistic.

Workshop 1:

Managing Personality & Behavioral Styles at Work

Have you ever noticed there are some people we get along with really easily while others just rub us up the wrong way? A lot of that is down to Behavioral Styles.

This workshop provides an introduction to the DISC behavioral style approach & explores the 4 main behavioral styles we see around us in our everyday lives – how to spot them & how to work with them.

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Workshop 2:

Harnessing the Power of a Team

We all know that teamwork is essential – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Too often tensions get in the way. Whether we’re the leader or a member of a team, these frictions can make our working day stressful and unproductive.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This 2-hour workshop digs into how behavioral styles impact on our success working together and explores practical strategies for getting the best out of everyone on the team.

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Workshop 3:

Navigating Conflict

Like it or not, conflict is something we all come across and have to deal with, but it doesn’t need to be a negative experience. Managed well, it can strengthen relationships and improve productivity.

This 2-hour workshop uses behavioral styles to understand why conflict can happen in the first place and what can make it harder (or easier!) to resolve. We look at how the needs, fears & attitudes to conflict typically found in each style can contribute to tensions – and what we can do to manage them.

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What our clients say

As a Founder & CEO, I learned so much about myself and my team and how to get the best out of them in just 90 minutes. Well worth the investment!

Exploring Behavioral Styles through Perception Insights has been so valuable. It really opened our eyes to the difference that our individual styles make for how we work together, and more importantly, how we can make the most of those differences. 3 months later what we covered is still coming up in everyday conversation across the company, which is brilliant.

Rebecca is so genuinely caring in what she does and in helping you succeed. I always walk away from our sessions with new learning and professional & personal development points that I can action straight away.

The workshop was excellent. All the advice & material was really practical & has given us practical ways to build stronger relationships at work and across our network. I highly recommend this approach to anyone wanting to really understand people at a deeper level.

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